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Joshua, Mark Twain, Manhattan Man, Maqz, The Fabulous Penguin, ResearchGirl, Denali, CollegeBoy

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CSA Episode 10 "We predict you will like this podcast..."

It appears to be a dream...Yes, I can hear the boys talking about many different things, the Tunguska Event and Black Holes, kitten raising, Maqz's predictions from his blog and a visit from a strange visitor from the east, Denali, our resident Psychic. But you knew that didn't you. Hey this is episode 10, we made double digits, but you knew that too...

Episode 10

Sunday, January 27, 2008

CSA Episode 9 - "A pig in the poke"

Tonight we examine Chinese florescent pigs, handyman Jim's childhood pet pig, and we apologize to China for things we said in our last podcast

Episode 9

Sunday, January 20, 2008

CSA Episode 8 - "Politics, Apologia, and Product"

In today's podcast, it is "Politics, politics, politics" as Maqz and the Penguin do a Caucus Carnage report and examine the presidential race. We also have Manhattan Man stop by to help with some apologies for insensitive remarks we had made and start to create a new list of people we may offend today and in the future. We introduce our new motto "We take the high road" as well as our line of cafe press product like tee-shirts, coffee mugs and thongs - ouch!

Listen up people, it's Episode 8

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Episode 7

With technical difficulties in the original Episode 7, we skip right to Episode 7, version 2.0. Episode 7 is a bit shorter, and much more action packed, so hope you enjoy!

As always, comments and e-mails are appreciated.

Episode 7

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