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Saturday, December 31, 2011

CSA Episode 206 - OMG Fox News!

Ever been to heaven? Well its not Iowa in January. But that's where Tim Pawlenty would be now if he hadn't dropped out of the Republican primary too soon. Tim, Kim, FOX and facts. Some of them are real. Some are unreal, but its all true in CSA Episode 206! You'll get more than facts, here!

CSA Episode 205 - What would you do for $254 M?

Tonight the boys are occupied with Jon Stewarts story about 7.7 trillion dollars given to pigs like Skank Of America and Shittybank. From there it takes merely the smallest of steps to Jenny McCarthy's threat to America and the increased popularity of lollipops. Lollipops infected with chicken pox. T Fab P comments of the Christian politician's stance and Maqz closes with Japanese adoption and Dubai toilets.
CSA hits a home run with 205

Monday, December 19, 2011

CSA Episode 204 - You can bank on it!

Everybody is a leader for a day. Everybody is a target. In this episode T Fab P andn Maqz wonder if the Republicans really are capable of nominiating a Mormon, or a moron, or just a plain asshole. Maqz gets his news from Jon Stewart and takes a few cheap shots at Charles Krauthammer and Bill Cristal, and the Penguin talks about those lazy white people. Much fun was had by all. Make your withdrawl here!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

CSA Episode 203 - No - really? Newt?

Today we find the usual set of Republican heroes going out of their way to keep us entertained. Max and the Fab look at the ever changing presidential primary season and throw up their hands. Doesn't anyone like Mitt Romney? (Maqz has had computer problems and T Fab P has travelled 2500 miles to his new home in Nevada... what? New Jersey? No? New Mexico? Anyway the Penguin is out there somewhere, settling in on some Antarctic beach and Maqz has been running the show. Soon T Fab will take over again. We're sorry for the delay.) Click this link for the magic.

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