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Friday, April 29, 2011

CSA Episode 182: "Maqz's Show - Science and Happy Endings..."

Maqz takes the lead tonight and runs with the show for a while with T Fab and Denali in tow. He starts with a study about domestic vs. wild animals and which may be smarter. Next up was a report on climate change and glacial melt and only CSA would make a connection to George Carlin. Another science topic is the use of biodegradable nano structures to treat infections. After some lively discuss, we take a turn to the bizarre and discuss some man who wants to self secede from the country because the real Constitution, the one hidden by Abraham Lincoln, says he can. Yes folks, another great political leader. Next Maqz continues the internet lunacy with a political protest in Burma, where woman's panties are tossed out at the leaders, something first started during Bruce Springsteen shows! T Fab P next introduces the 2011 Weird names contest as propped by Freakonomics on their blog. Maqz finishes up with a couple of weirdly worded signs and we are out!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

CSA Episode 181: "Once again, the hypocracy is overwhelming..."

We begin with a few updates; first an update about a Blue Canary Cream Ale failure, a freakonomics update about teachers cheating because they have an incentive - students doing well on standardized tests. Then there was a comment on the blog that posted about Snopes calling a story we did that was an internet hoax. Thanks to anonymous for pointing that out to us. Then on to Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, who not only has hired his aide's mistress for a secretarial job, but now it is revealed that he hired the son of one of his biggest supporters, totally unqualified, for a high paying government position. Forget about the fact that he doesn't have a college degree but does have 2 drunk driving convictions. But at least Gov. Walker is getting rid of those pesky unions and giving the corporations of the Koch brothers giant tax breaks. That man is an idiot. Then the boys start to talk finance and the GOP plan to cut Medicaid and hurt the poor and disabled in this country. Yea team. This leads to the end of the show, on a lighter note. Obama using Facebook as part of his reelection campaign, a giant turtle captured and treated, a teenager who was robbing a house and gt punched in the mouth had his mother go to the home to retrieve them. Thank the internet for people like this, otherwise we would never smile!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

CSA The Shane Ryan Interview - Part 2

Shane Ryan is the writer of the blog "Seth Curry Saves Duke" which is the new sponsor of our podcast.In this second part of their interview, Shane talks more about sports - Duke in the NCAA March Madness and the New York Yankees and then T Fab ends the interview on a lighter note, getting Shane and Maqz's feelings about fruit in beer, breakfast for supper and the finale, just how many 4th graders could each of them take. Again, another 30 minutes of fun and mirth.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

CSA Episode 180 "Just how stupid do they think we are..."

Maqz spends some time trying to figure out who he is and then the boys jump right into some updates. First T Fab talks about how when eBooks are produced, the writers are getting less money for royalties but the publishers, because of less overhead, make more money per copy. Maqz then does a personal story about what he feels is a great song, the TV theme song for "The Nanny." He particularly likes the language of the lyrics. T Fab P then brings up the new words being included in the New Oxford Dictionary for this year. This includes initialisms that are popularized by internet users. They also include some phrases included too along with a grapic for love and something close to the Fabulous Penguin's heart, an adjective "Fabless"that doesn't refer to fabulous but rather fabrication process. T Fab then moves onto some themes for the show, like "dumb, not so dumb", 5 stories that reflect the idea of just how stupid some people think we are. Some are political, some intellectual rights but all are interesting.

Friday, April 8, 2011

CSA: The Shane Ryan Interview Part 1

Shane Ryan is the writer of the blog "Seth Curry Saves Duke" which is the new sponsor of our podcast. In this episode Maqz and T Fab P put him through his paces with a hard hitting interview. Well not really hard hitting, just sort of light taps about the head and body. He covers up well and gets through the first 30 minutes with only slight bruising. We talk about the blog, Duke basketball and the recent NCAA Tournament, writing in general, the death of newspapers, some baseball and NY Yankees and still have a bunch more in the can to be released next week. Give us a listen, this is an enjoyable half hour.

The Shane Ryan Interview, Part 1

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