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Friday, October 29, 2010

CSA Incandescent Gas - On TV

Have you ever wondered what it is like when Maqz and T Fab P are just chatting. Well if you were a fly on the wall, you would quickly find out they sound just like it's one of their shows except a bit wilder, a little more irreverent and a bit more on the edge. So this episode marks the beginning of a new series for the boys, sort of like CSA Raw. Little editing, it just shows the rambling style of their conversations when the boys are not seat belted in. Give it a listen, we hope you enjoy it...

Incandescent Gas Episode 1 - TV

Friday, October 22, 2010

CSA Episode 158 "The Hypocrisy Show"

Don't get them started...
Don't ask them about hypocrisy in the GOP...Oh well you did, didn't you. So now they're going to give you 30 minutes of it. First they talk about all those GOP'ers who slam the Obama stimulus plan and say stop government spending, then write secret little letters to government agencies begging for stimulus cash for their pet projects. That takes a while. Eventually they go into taxpayers who do the same thing - decry government spending and then end up taking money gleefully from the government. After all this, they do a few weird internet stories and they are done.

Enjoy the CSA Hypocrisy Episode

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CSA Episode 157: "Our Show of Lists..."

So Maqz and T Fab P were in a new list state of mind. So you get to hear about the lists they came across. Want to know what the most overpriced products are? Maqz and T Fab P will tell you. Want to know the five food products that rebranded to increase their saleability? Maqz and T Fab P will tell you. Want to know what type of people want to ban books at the public library? Maqz and T Fab P will tell you. Want to know a list of future events according to a radical pessimist? Maqz and T Fab P will tell you. They were in such a sharing mood!

Enjoy the Lists of 157!

Monday, October 11, 2010

CSA Episode 156 "Updates, we got updates..."

In this episode it is just Maqz and T Fab P being Maqz and T Fab P. They are just pointing out the idiocy of the world, one idiot at a time. They begin with a couple of updates about previously mentioned stories - the Chilean mine, strongest beer in the world, and the Segway company owner death. This leads to a discussion about maybe the worst theme music for a show, not used. Be ready for a surprise. Next up, the boys get into a freedom of speech issue, and also a privacy issue regarding photographs. And one final note. listen to the end for a second surprise!

Friday, October 8, 2010


On tonight's episode Manhattan Man runs the show and we spend time talking about how Countless Screaming Argonauts was conceived and came into being. For anyone interested in the process of podcasting or how the idea for a show as generated, this is the definitive history. Enjoy!

Our Podcast is best enjoyed while drinking Montazuma Wines - We recommend the Cranberry Bog!