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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Episode 91 – “The Boys on Baseball”

Ah, baseball. Nothing brings the warm thoughts of spring out like the words “Play Ball!” Well on tonight’s show, Maqz, the Penguin and Denali reflect on a couple of baseball losses, some baseball books and other reminders of the unique that baseball and spring have. We also do something different, with apologies to They Might Be Giants, who usually provide the sampled music for our opening and closing. For this one show we sample Bernie Williams playing guitar at the Hall of Fame this past summer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Episode 91 here, get your Episode 91 !!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Episode 90 "George Carlin warned us about this, years ago!"

A clip from YouTube was the inspiration for this episode of CSA. George Carlin talked to a New York City audience several years ago about the problems we would be experiencing when big companies ran the world. Yes this was before the AIG scandal, Citicorp, Fannie Mae, the Wall Street failures, GM and the rest of the auto companies looking for handouts and the trillion dollar mess we are in right now. He knew, he told us, but we didn’t listen. George is one of our favorite comedians and social commentators. Enjoy him at the beginning and Maqz and the Penguin the rest of the way…

Episode 90

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Episode 89 "These are a few of our favorite things..."

In this masterpiece, we begin talking about "Where the Wild Things Are", both the children's book and the to be released in October 2009, movie. This lead to a discussion of favorite books, both that we read and we read to our children. Then Maqz tells us how he tried to rip off Dr. Seuss. After all this educational stuff, we moved on to our usually type of topics - MRSA and cellphones, the mom who gave her 12 year old the car keys, Darwin award nominees and stem cell research. We cover all the news, all the time...

Episode 89

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Episode 88 - "Quadraphonic Views"

In this very special episode you get 4, yes, 4 views of the day. Hear college boy spin stories of life on the modern college campus. Hear the Fabulous Penguin reminisce about the great Bob Gibson and sportsmanship. Hear Maqz and Manhattan Man tell us stories about pigs mating and 30 minute orgasms and catching piglets by the tail. WHAT! Do these things belong together? Well it is those things that makes Countless Screaming Argonauts great!

Episode 88 for what it's worth...

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