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Monday, January 31, 2011

CSA Episode 171 "The Predictions Show 2011"

So our last episode was a look at what we said last year would happen this year. In this show we tell you tonight what will happen during the next year. You see, here at CSA we are all about the symmetry, the give and take, the yin and yang, the ceaseless yammering! Plus we are about Maqz getting his date with Scarlett. Another bold prediction fest. By the way, listen to the very, very end and hear the buried, CSA Easter Egg!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CSA Episode 170 - "The Year in Review or A Denali Ding Fest"

You knew you would be waiting for this show. We knew you would know you would be waiting for this show. We knew you would know we would know you were waiting for this show. Denali knows all of the things we know, and knew, and news too. This is Part 1 of the Prediction show, where we look at what we knew last year was going to happen this year and rate how we did. Part 2 will follow this one with predictions about what we know will happen during 2011. Who knew!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CSA Episode 169 "Internet News in Review..."

On this edition of CSA, the boys continue their internet travels across all that it has to offer. As they have done in the past, they start with the Beloit College Mindset list, the things that the entering freshman class have always known or not known like who John McEnroe is or what Barney refers to.They have beanie babies and dead celebrities and colorful lapel ribbons. Then they move onto news from the internet including a man released from a Texas prison after 30 years of imprisonment due to DNA evidence which leads to discussion of the death penalty. Next up politics and the Democrats for Palin movement, who want her nominated because she cannot win the presidency. The sort of thing that would make Tricky Dicky or the Evil Genius Karl Rove just giddy if it wasn't against their own party. Up next, an article from Newsweek about what the internet has killed, including Blockbuster Video and the Yellow Pages. Finally the boys tout their next two shows - a review of their 2010 predictions and predicting things to come in 2011 with the very best in his field, Denali, great mystic of the show.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CSA Episode 168 - "Different show, same day..."

So Maqz and T Fab P had so much to talk about, they just kept at it and did a second show on this night. They began (or continued with...) some discussion about a blog post T Fab P did on things bugging him which included weird tattoos and talking heads on the news always referring to global warming whenever there is a blizzard. This leads to the boys talking about climate change and the effects that even a slight warming can cause. Then Maqz goes off on evil Dick Cheney and the out of control of gas prices. T Fab P then gets back to his comparison list of how things are different in the world in 2010 as opposed to 2000. Maqz ends it all with a few internet oddities – a woman posing as a gynecologist and a woman who threatened a shop keeper with MRSA. As always a fun time for all!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

CSA Episode 167 - So when do I get my Christmas present?

On tonights episode, the last recorded in 2010, the boys take a little trip through the internet as they do each week. First there are some updates - Blue Canary Batch #3 is in the bottle and referencing some errors in Virginia history books, we discuss all the errors that were found in a review of thew history books used in the curriculum there. Then onto Amazon's new service soon to start called "Gift Alert" where you can exchange gifts before you get them. Of course. Maqz only had 16 cents for T Fab P's Christmas present so he is still waiting for it to arrive. This discussion gets into how the internet has changed things and the way we do it. This induces a Gary Larsen reference to something he wrote 10 years ago about not posting his comics on the internet. Then on a serious note, Maqz brings up an update regarding WikiLeaks and what he has been reading about it and the economic impact on donations to them. There also is some discussion about the ethics behind what we know and say about the whole issue.

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