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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode 132 - "It's a big f#*king deal!"

Tonight the boys celebrate the successful passing of the Obama Health Care Bill by doing a podcast. Yea, it’s that big a deal! Thanks VP Biden for the inspiration…

We begin with a couple of updates about a school that is structuring recess and then report on the Russian Mayor’s boast about making snow miss Moscow this winter. Then we spend some time talking about the health care plan passing, the teabaggers protest turning brutal and racist. Then Maqz takes a movie quiz and does real great, talk about the odds of becoming a movie star and finish up with “wipedia fu young.” We end on a baseball high note with Maqz’ rant about God and ball players and a few minutes with Yogi. Spring is in the air…

Episode 132 - We're a Big F#*king Deal too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode 131 - "We continue after some technical difficulties ..."

So it was just one of those nights when the internet and the computers just wouldn't work right and the stars were not aligned and the whole thing went to Hell in a hand basket. No really, the sound quality just kept coming and going and the computers just kept cutting out and...ENOUGH COMPLAINING.! We did a show, its got some funny in it, its got some serious in it, its got some sound problems in it, DEAL WITH IT! We talk about Spring, we talked about the Miami Dolphins charging for shade, NYC restricting the salt intake of its citizens, restaurants not allowing doggie bags, Jesus in a frying pan, and then we start to get really freaky - medicine bags, schools sued for condoms on the floor, cats and dogs sleeping together (no, I just made that up...) Anyway, the show is cool, we're cool and for all our cool listeners, if you listen to the very end when the music fades out, we included some outtakes of unused material. Cool

Episode 131 That is our story for tonight and we're sticking to it...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Episode 130 - "Tonight we gots lots of stuff..."

Sure, every once in a while a show like this comes around. There are so many things to talk about and so little time to share our thoughts with you, the podcast listener. So we cram as much stuff as we can into 30 minutes and hope for the best. What have we got? We got tall fliers paying more, that what. We got jobs not to bring your kids to, we got computer alarms for checking out websites banned from work, stupid names for real people, alien/science fiction cliques and we got Yogi. At least we got Yogi.

Give Episode 130 a listen, that's all we ask

Friday, March 5, 2010

Episode 129 - "Pat Robinson, Kevin Smith and Yogi Berra, the Trifecta!..."

So tonight, the boys did a bit of an end around with a theme show of sorts, looking at the personal philosophies of these three classic Americans. Well two classics and one idiot. We discuss, you decide who is who. I'll even give you a hint, We both love Yogi and Kevin...One special note is a thank you to Bernie Williams, former NY Yankee for the guitar solo under the Yogisms.

Episode 129 - Which of these three just doesn't belong...

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