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Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode 131 - "We continue after some technical difficulties ..."

So it was just one of those nights when the internet and the computers just wouldn't work right and the stars were not aligned and the whole thing went to Hell in a hand basket. No really, the sound quality just kept coming and going and the computers just kept cutting out and...ENOUGH COMPLAINING.! We did a show, its got some funny in it, its got some serious in it, its got some sound problems in it, DEAL WITH IT! We talk about Spring, we talked about the Miami Dolphins charging for shade, NYC restricting the salt intake of its citizens, restaurants not allowing doggie bags, Jesus in a frying pan, and then we start to get really freaky - medicine bags, schools sued for condoms on the floor, cats and dogs sleeping together (no, I just made that up...) Anyway, the show is cool, we're cool and for all our cool listeners, if you listen to the very end when the music fades out, we included some outtakes of unused material. Cool

Episode 131 That is our story for tonight and we're sticking to it...

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