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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Episode 72 - "This Podcast was Blagojeviched..."

How could we not talk about everyone's favorite crazy person? In this episode we have a take on lots of things including our new segment "Ted Stevens Intertubes." We touch on a bunch of Brian's rules people and toss it all together with a few surprises. Give it a listen...

Episode 72 - Simply Blagojeviched...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Episode 71 - The ScrapeMastr 3000..."

In tonight's episode, the boys talk again about the idiocy in the world, one idiot at a time. We have a look at our politicians who never seem to know where they are going, the COPS episode of Brian's rules and some special commentary about the ScrapeMastr 3000. Plus hear Maqz's theory about Man Stink and the liquid soap industry. Give us a listen

Episode 71...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Episode 70.3 "Third Time's a Charm..."

So CSA has undergone major upheaval in the production department. Tired of the sound issus, we changed to a different way to record our shows. Unfortunately there are many bumps and bruises throughout the process and still lots of bugs to work out but we are continuing to try and offer a quality experience. As for this, the third incarnation of the show, we got Plaxico, we got alcohol and idiots and we got little green men - both alien and army variety. Plus, WE GOT SPACE JUICE - TWO VARIETIES! We know we are laughing ourselves silly!

Episode 70.3 - still fresh in its third version

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Episode 69 "The Thanksgiving ExtraVaganza AnniGanzaVersary"

Yes, just one year ago we did our first live broadcast and a long one it was. This is much shorter and to the point. We talk about all the usual things and leave you wanting more. You know you do!!

Episode 69 Here

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