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Friday, November 20, 2009

Episode 112 - "The boys go on and on about this and that..."

In this episode, Maqz and T Fab P take on a variety of topics including - continuous partial attention and email apnea, swine flu on the internet, global oil scam, washing your hands, and Verizon: just how do you charge now? Give it a listen, you'll learn something, we did!

Episode 112 - PodCast of record stuff...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Episode 111 - "We're back, we're bad and we're not taking names"

After a short sabbatical to deal with sound and computer issues, the boys are back and in rare form. Topics range from breedmaster general update, swine flu and Wal Mart versus what good companies do, net neutrality and the swine flu, best cartoons eva, a look at Internet "Laws", and words and phrases that do not belong together. We close with a couple of Dumb/Not So Dumb items - Rubik's Cube "art" and the Kid in the Box...As College boy says, YBYSA we're back...
As College boy says, YBYSA we're back...

Episode 111 give it a listen

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