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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Episode 51 - "This is very creep-y"

Well tonight the Fabulous goes all out and introduces his comprehensive radical economic and energy plan and offers it to the two presidential candidates for free. Thats right, the idiot thinks that McCain and Obama listens to this podcast! I think I'll try to sell him some Florida swamp...real estate...

Episode 51 - CREEP

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 50 - "OlympicVaganza Part 2, The Manhattan Man Edition"

You really didn't think that we could condense 14 days of athletics events to one 30 minute podcast segment, did you? Manhattan Man was chompin' at the bit wanting to add his 2 cents so we let him. We talk about dog meat, Phelps heat, and Gymnastic treats. Lots of stuff about the winners and LOSERS of the first week of the 29th Olympiad (I always liked the word Olympiad...) Enjoy the drivel.

Episode 50 - The SemiCentennial.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Episode 49 - "More Penguin Droppings"

We got such a positive bump from our new segment we decided to do it again. You remember Penguin Droppings - it's a reformulation of dumb/not so dumb and weird news. We tonight we deal with all sorts of people, teachers gone wild, drunk drivers, drunks gone wild and a mall security cop who overstepped his authority. And just to keep it going we tap a couple of our award winning "What's buggin' Maqz and the Penguin..." The hits keep on coming folks, we just continue to point out the idiocy of the world, one idiot at a time. Perhaps we will see you here one day...

Episode 49, hear ye, hear ye...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Episode 48 - The OlympicVaganza with Denali

It's been months since we last heard from Denali but who better than him to make some predictions. Denali tells us who Obama will choose as his VP running mate. Denali tells us how many gold medals Phelps will win. Denali tells us what the Redeem Team will do. Denali tells Maqz and the Penguin where to go. No really, he's full of predictions and incredibly he is right almost half of the time!!!

Denali predicts!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Episode 47 - Penguin Droppings

Another podcast, another new feature! Well, not new, rather, reformulated like those kitchen cleaners and the like. Tonight the boys talk about the need to sanction China for Olympic promises not kept, jump to a new segment - the reformulated dumb/not so dumb and weird news, which is now named "Penguin Droppings", thanks to Manhattan Man. Finally some "What's buggin' Maqz and the Penguin" and we're out.

#47 - Give us a Listen!

CSA Chronicles - #012

"Shootin the Lawnmower..."

One subject. Two voices. Three minutes. Each

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CSA Chronicles - #011

"When the evening news is not the news..."

One Subject. Two voices. Three minutes. Each.

Episode 46 - "Did the Intertubes Make us Stoopid"

We have been planning this episode for a while. We all skimmed the article, did a lot of internet research, jumping from one topic to another and then got together to talk it out. Actually it is an interesting theory about how the internet may be changing the way we read. Hope you enjoy listening to our ideas on that...

Episode 46

Monday, August 4, 2008

Episode 45 - "If Maqz was King of the World"

So tonight is an episode of firsts. First we talk about negative campaigning (there's a first!), then its onto banning right wingers from writing books and doing radio shows and then we introduce a new segment entitled "What's buggin' Maqz and the Penguin." Gee it sounds like we were really agitated this week. But really we were very calm, like the calm before a storm.

Listen to #45 and find out what the first thing Maqz would do if he became king of the world...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

CSA Chronicles - #010

China and the Automobile

One subject. Two voices. Three minutes. Each.

Episode 44 - "Michael Savage is a Weiner and other Interesting Tidbits"

Well, we promise this is the last time we talk about ultra right wing radio talk show idiot Mike least until he says his next stupid thing. We used this episode to catch up on all the little things we have been missing over the last several weeks like who owns the rain. Hope you enjoy catching up with us.

Episode #44 - Find out what Weiner means...

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