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Joshua, Mark Twain, Manhattan Man, Maqz, The Fabulous Penguin, ResearchGirl, Denali, CollegeBoy

Monday, November 28, 2011

CSA Episode 202 - Here we are at last!

This weeks episode arrives after much tarrying. Maqz has his own issues as T Fab P and the Missus leave the land of Mitt Romney and travel though the land of Rick Perry to their new home in fabulous New Mexico. Maqz updates the Penguin on a few sports and its right into scandals and troubles of all kinds. The boys solve all the worlds problems post haste and the Penguin can retire in peace and warmth ... while Maqz is left wondering about business foreign and domestic.
Find out all you need to know right here!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Myster e=mc2 Episode

We thought that this might be Episode 199 but it wasn't - so its a bonus episode!! Lucky you! The Podcast of Record has gone through a rough stretch but the Penguin should reappear in his more favored tropical climes and we'll be recording again soon enough. Meanwhile. Enjoy a free episode! (Oh yeah they all are!) Faster than the speed of light CSA will be back

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some time in October, 2011 CSA Celebrates its 200th Epsiode Yay!

Long anticipated. Kept in Al Gore's lock box (or was that Tipper's?) for nearly a month where it fermented and ripened to a rich and wonderful creation, the likes of which we no longer even remember, though we're sure that its wonderful in the fullest regard. Countless Screaming Argonauts, Maqz and The Fabulous Penguin finally bring you what you've waited so long to hear our 200th episode. We hope you enjoy it. (We hope we enjoy it too!) Here it is - the fantastic 200th!!! Yay!

Our Podcast is best enjoyed while drinking Montazuma Wines - We recommend the Cranberry Bog!