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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CSA Episode 179 The Our Bracket is Busted or Is It Edition

Tonight it is Manhattan Man in the both along with T Fab and Maqz. We begin with a look at our NCAA Basketball Bracket. Manhattan Man has 2 teams in the final 4 and so drinks are on him as we root for UConn and VCU. Next up is politics and the boys get into a serious diascussion about Libya and the no fly zone. T Fab P offers evidence that President Obama listens to the podcast as he followed Maqz's advice regarding the US involvement. After some discussion T Fab P brings up the Jon Krakauer book about Pat Tillman as an indictment of the American policy. This leads into a discussion about the cost of war. After this, the boys felt some hijinks were in order so they turn to the internet for some stories that made us laugh - beer in Russia, no extra marital sex but murder is OK, Gov. Walker of Wisconsin while pleading that the state is bankrupt, hires a mistress of a colleague for a government job, a new internet address for .xxx, a letter from Arkansas newspaper that claims that there is an especially hot March there because of the extra sunlight due to Daylight Savings Time, and the Taco Bell assault due to the price hike of 30 cents on the beefy burrito. Finally they talk about the British man who scammed the Bristol Zoo out of over 6 million dollars by running their parking lot. They think he went to the islands to retire. Yes folks, it was Yuks all around!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

CSA Episode 178 "Tiptoe through the internet..."

On tonight's romp through the internet, Maqz and T Fab P are joined by Denali, who always offers his incredible insights to even the most mundane of topics. We begin with updates about Libya and Maqz's prediction of a no fly zone in the future. Denali brings up the various spellings of the Libyan leaders name. Maqz makes a comparison of the Libyan leader and Wisconsin Governor Walker. T Fab P brings up an update about names, referring to the Egyptian man who named his daugher "Facebook" to celibrate their role in the Egyptian resistance. Next up was the Huckabee attack on Natale Portman unwed pregnancy and the possibility that this was a veiled attack on Sarah Palin. Maqz pulls out the CSA bible, People Magazine, to confirm her pregnancy. The guys discuss Huckabee's skeletons in his closet as it might affect his political career and then move on. Maqz brings up the cyber attack on the G 20 economic summit by the Chinese. Some small talk and funny quips round out the show. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CSA Episode 177 "It wasn't that bad..."

On this continued episode from February 28th, Maqz and T Fab P get off the more serious stuff and once again look to the internet for the idiocy in the world. First up, a couple of updates with props out to Maqz for having some of his thoughts about arcades verified and then some discussion about new proposed Arizona laws to allow hand guns on that states college campuses. Next up is a look at the economic issues in Greece, Ireland and Iceland and see how Europe is trying to deal with it. Then T Fab brings up a story about a children's book that one Texas mother thinks is too verbally graphic for children. T Fab also brings up a sad baseball note regarding the passing of Duke Snider. Maqz talks about a colleague who retired and wrote a funny email goodbye and T Fab P ends the whole thing by announcing he has found Jesus. Quite a nights worth!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CSA Episode 176 "Goons, hired goons..."

A more serious podcast tonight as Maqz and T Fab P begin by looking at what is happening in Libya right now. It is a rentier state, which means that over 97% of its economy coming from the oil industry and their leader has hired people to come in and quell the protesters. Maqz then talks aout this is different from Egypt where the army, with little to do before this, is involved in its manufacturing jobs so those protesting there are their customer. This leads to a discussion about democracy and things in the US's best interests. This discussion moves onto our own democracy, and all the issues now related to the problems in Wisconsin including the Koch brothers who donated 50 million dollars to political campaigns. Maqz and T Fab P then give some opinions about unions and estate taxes and the machine called Fox News and the GOP.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CSA Episode 175 "Pointing out the idiocy of the world..."

We begin tonights show with an announcement that CB and T Fab P won the SCSD Pick Six with a balls to the wall effort last week. They await their trophy! We got plenty of updates tonight too. First a new book reveals all sorts of "Rescued Chilean Miner" gossip, a update about the woman who lost her job for criticizing her boss on a Facebook post, and eupanisms via George Carlin - talking about how shell shock became PTSD over 50 years of Americanm military operations. Next we examine some political idiocy, specifically Mississippi Gov. Barbour and his refusal to denounce a state plan to honor a KKK member. This then moves onto guns and budgets all all the rest of the political memes of the day including earmarks. The boys go out on a few more internet stories that represent well the idiocy of the world.

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