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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CSA Episode 177 "It wasn't that bad..."

On this continued episode from February 28th, Maqz and T Fab P get off the more serious stuff and once again look to the internet for the idiocy in the world. First up, a couple of updates with props out to Maqz for having some of his thoughts about arcades verified and then some discussion about new proposed Arizona laws to allow hand guns on that states college campuses. Next up is a look at the economic issues in Greece, Ireland and Iceland and see how Europe is trying to deal with it. Then T Fab brings up a story about a children's book that one Texas mother thinks is too verbally graphic for children. T Fab also brings up a sad baseball note regarding the passing of Duke Snider. Maqz talks about a colleague who retired and wrote a funny email goodbye and T Fab P ends the whole thing by announcing he has found Jesus. Quite a nights worth!

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