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Sunday, March 27, 2011

CSA Episode 178 "Tiptoe through the internet..."

On tonight's romp through the internet, Maqz and T Fab P are joined by Denali, who always offers his incredible insights to even the most mundane of topics. We begin with updates about Libya and Maqz's prediction of a no fly zone in the future. Denali brings up the various spellings of the Libyan leaders name. Maqz makes a comparison of the Libyan leader and Wisconsin Governor Walker. T Fab P brings up an update about names, referring to the Egyptian man who named his daugher "Facebook" to celibrate their role in the Egyptian resistance. Next up was the Huckabee attack on Natale Portman unwed pregnancy and the possibility that this was a veiled attack on Sarah Palin. Maqz pulls out the CSA bible, People Magazine, to confirm her pregnancy. The guys discuss Huckabee's skeletons in his closet as it might affect his political career and then move on. Maqz brings up the cyber attack on the G 20 economic summit by the Chinese. Some small talk and funny quips round out the show. Enjoy!

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