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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CSA Episode 176 "Goons, hired goons..."

A more serious podcast tonight as Maqz and T Fab P begin by looking at what is happening in Libya right now. It is a rentier state, which means that over 97% of its economy coming from the oil industry and their leader has hired people to come in and quell the protesters. Maqz then talks aout this is different from Egypt where the army, with little to do before this, is involved in its manufacturing jobs so those protesting there are their customer. This leads to a discussion about democracy and things in the US's best interests. This discussion moves onto our own democracy, and all the issues now related to the problems in Wisconsin including the Koch brothers who donated 50 million dollars to political campaigns. Maqz and T Fab P then give some opinions about unions and estate taxes and the machine called Fox News and the GOP.

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