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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CSA Episode 179 The Our Bracket is Busted or Is It Edition

Tonight it is Manhattan Man in the both along with T Fab and Maqz. We begin with a look at our NCAA Basketball Bracket. Manhattan Man has 2 teams in the final 4 and so drinks are on him as we root for UConn and VCU. Next up is politics and the boys get into a serious diascussion about Libya and the no fly zone. T Fab P offers evidence that President Obama listens to the podcast as he followed Maqz's advice regarding the US involvement. After some discussion T Fab P brings up the Jon Krakauer book about Pat Tillman as an indictment of the American policy. This leads into a discussion about the cost of war. After this, the boys felt some hijinks were in order so they turn to the internet for some stories that made us laugh - beer in Russia, no extra marital sex but murder is OK, Gov. Walker of Wisconsin while pleading that the state is bankrupt, hires a mistress of a colleague for a government job, a new internet address for .xxx, a letter from Arkansas newspaper that claims that there is an especially hot March there because of the extra sunlight due to Daylight Savings Time, and the Taco Bell assault due to the price hike of 30 cents on the beefy burrito. Finally they talk about the British man who scammed the Bristol Zoo out of over 6 million dollars by running their parking lot. They think he went to the islands to retire. Yes folks, it was Yuks all around!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the story about the Zoo parking lot attendant! Imagine my disappointment when I found these:

You've been had by the Intertubes!

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