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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CSA Episode 175 "Pointing out the idiocy of the world..."

We begin tonights show with an announcement that CB and T Fab P won the SCSD Pick Six with a balls to the wall effort last week. They await their trophy! We got plenty of updates tonight too. First a new book reveals all sorts of "Rescued Chilean Miner" gossip, a update about the woman who lost her job for criticizing her boss on a Facebook post, and eupanisms via George Carlin - talking about how shell shock became PTSD over 50 years of Americanm military operations. Next we examine some political idiocy, specifically Mississippi Gov. Barbour and his refusal to denounce a state plan to honor a KKK member. This then moves onto guns and budgets all all the rest of the political memes of the day including earmarks. The boys go out on a few more internet stories that represent well the idiocy of the world.

1 comment:

Maqz said...

I submit a new slogan for us via Haley Barbour ... "It wasn't that bad!"

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