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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CSA Episode 174 - "The Dragonfly Episode..."

In tonights podcast jambouriee, the boys and Manhattan Man touch on a wide variety of topics. They begin with MM's big score on the Super Bowl and then quickly move onto a favorite subject by Maqz, euphanisms. He brings up several examples including "family jewels," He also brings up dysphemisms, with their more negative bend. T Fab P then mentions a list of common misconceptions that he found and the group spends some time denying that they believed that misconception or that one. They chat about Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims and their descendents, George Washington's teeth, the Declaration of Independence, the Great Wall of China, and finally Maqz does an ode to his favorite predictor of the future, no, not Denali, but Tesla. Quite an interesting podcast of record! By the way, listen to the very end for a special treat from MissNicole of Eight Beer Sampler productions

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