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Saturday, June 9, 2012

CSA Podcast Episode 222: On That Note ...

Today's episode is a long time coming and it may be a long time before the next one. Countless Screaming Argonauts began in October of 2007 and ran for 5 years. It was wild. It was fun. And now it is going on indefinite hiatus. We are not pod fading. We are stopping. T Fab P and Maqz would like to take this time to thank all of our faithful listeners ... and all of our casual listeners. We had so much fun. You might look for something from Maqz under the banner of 8 Minutes On High at some point in the future. Till then, thank you all! We love you! Good night Seattle ... Good night uh Ma ss uh chu, New York and Las Cruces ...Ari vedirci podcastia! CSA Podcast 222 is created under a Creative Commons, Atribution, Non-Commercial, Share alike 3.0 license. Download our last effort here.

Our Podcast is best enjoyed while drinking Montazuma Wines - We recommend the Cranberry Bog!