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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Episode 43 - "Let's all go to the movies!" (this podcast contains spoilers...)

Tonight the boys talk about three recent to DVD films. No, not in a thumbs up/thumbs down kind of way. They really liked all three. Rather they talk about some of the themes and similarities in the three films and when one theme gets them going, they call in a special guest to give his perspective, a 100 year old perspective at that.

Enjoy #43

Monday, July 21, 2008

CSA Episode 42 - "???"

Michael Savage is a fabrication of Sean Hannity’s left nipple or Michael Savage: idiot savant. We report, you decide what title is more reflective of tonight’s episode…

Listen here and then tell us what you think...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Episode 41 - "Who is Summer Baker and why is he on the podcast

Well they boys reach out and touch someone new, Summer Baker, a Canadian with ahhhh a good personality. Yea, that our story and we are sticking with it.

Summer Baker, lawn maintenance engineer...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Episode 40 - "The Penguin gets a Promotion and we continue to point out the idiocy of the world, one idiot at a time..."

Boy, that Manhattan Man must like the Penguin! He gives him a promotion right there at the beginning of tonight's episode. Then they start the dumb/not so dumb merry-go-round and end up with a couple that are not so dumb after all. After episode 39, we guess the boys needed a break!

Hear the fabulous Penguin speak!

Episode 39 - "Politics as Usual or Ed Kuck, this one's for you..."

So first Maqz apologizes for an error in judgment and then the boys express their disappointment in Obama's lurch to the right, perhaps another error in judgment. Then its on to Jesse Jackson and Obama's nuts, another error in judgment. Hmmmmm do we sense a theme going here. Well, the train comes off the track completely when Ed Kuck and his racist, right wing error in judgment makes an appearance and the Penguin gets to try on that aneurysm that he has heard so much about. Ed grabs the Dick Gaywood award and he isn't giving that sucker back for a while. At least not until the next error in judgment.

Your Dick Gaywood is in the mail, Mr. Kuck! Click me, click me!!!

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