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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Episode 39 - "Politics as Usual or Ed Kuck, this one's for you..."

So first Maqz apologizes for an error in judgment and then the boys express their disappointment in Obama's lurch to the right, perhaps another error in judgment. Then its on to Jesse Jackson and Obama's nuts, another error in judgment. Hmmmmm do we sense a theme going here. Well, the train comes off the track completely when Ed Kuck and his racist, right wing error in judgment makes an appearance and the Penguin gets to try on that aneurysm that he has heard so much about. Ed grabs the Dick Gaywood award and he isn't giving that sucker back for a while. At least not until the next error in judgment.

Your Dick Gaywood is in the mail, Mr. Kuck! Click me, click me!!!

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