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Saturday, June 9, 2012

CSA Podcast Episode 222: On That Note ...

Today's episode is a long time coming and it may be a long time before the next one. Countless Screaming Argonauts began in October of 2007 and ran for 5 years. It was wild. It was fun. And now it is going on indefinite hiatus. We are not pod fading. We are stopping. T Fab P and Maqz would like to take this time to thank all of our faithful listeners ... and all of our casual listeners. We had so much fun. You might look for something from Maqz under the banner of 8 Minutes On High at some point in the future. Till then, thank you all! We love you! Good night Seattle ... Good night uh Ma ss uh chu, New York and Las Cruces ...Ari vedirci podcastia! CSA Podcast 222 is created under a Creative Commons, Atribution, Non-Commercial, Share alike 3.0 license. Download our last effort here.

Monday, April 30, 2012

CSA Episode 221: "Perhaps we'll drop a Doocy..."

The boys switched their recording night to Fridays and all kinds of havoc broke out. A discussion of the CeCe MacDonald moved into hate crimes. Fox News reared its ugly head again as the Penguin gives a name to the Fox tactic of saying anything and retracting later, after the horse's ass has left the barn, if you know what we mean. The name is "a Doocy", say it loud, say it proud. They talk about Tigger, Kellogg, and end on a high note - PIPPA!!!
                      (Here is Pippa and her gunslingers!)

Give us a listen or download from the iTunes!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

CSA Podcast Episode 220: "Ann Coulter? Really, Ann Coulter is your source???"

Tonight the Penguin and Maqz are just mystified by the political shenanigans going on but it all comes to a head when Ann Coulter is cited as a source. Source of what you ask. Yea, the guys are still trying to figure that ome out. Anyway, we were a bit short tonight but listen till after the final bumper for a surprise list!

Listen to #220n here or download from iTunes - Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

CSA Podcast Episode 219: I was only trying to defend myself

Shouldn't it be that outrageous Supreme Court decisions extending government authority over an innocent person's, person, be considered “court activism”? This week Fab and Maqz look at law and the courts. There's a lot in the news and none of it is good. On a lighter note fracking causes earthquakes! Oh yeah and we find out why people wear clothes and what causes traffic jams.
Judge Scalia yelled “Fire!”

Monday, April 2, 2012

CSA Episode 218 Maqz and the Penguin Play Games

Penguin plays a game of Whaddaya Think About That with Maqz, where questions of Romney's dog Santoruming mix with tales of tiny little frogs. We find out why Republicans hate women … no … really we don't. This podcast is only a half hour! Penguin reveals that all eyes are on NASA. Maqz says NASA eats ship, or at least they might on Mars. And Penguin calls Hail Britianica.
Too much fun for a half hour! Check it out here!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

CSA Episode 217 "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down their pants..."

Very interesting episode tonight boys and girls. First Maqz and T Fab stop Albert Einstein from spinning in his grave. Then, flush with this success, they tackle "This week in the GOP", Where Rush Limbaugh sings a little song about sluts, the GOP candidates (The three Amigos) dance around calling Limbaugh out for his slander, and the GOP machine, lead by none other than Half Governor Palin, spray seltzer down the pants of the American public in treating this like a freedom of speech issue OR complain the Dems do it too. Meanwhile women everywhere prepare for a little procedure called a transvaginal exam. Can the GOP make it any clearer that they hate women and want to rule their lady bits? Give this one a listen...

Friday, March 9, 2012

CSA Episode 216: Scary scary people

Scary Republicans Rush in to accuse women of prostitution, models get slandered and births get controlled. Just another week in a presidential primary where Rick Santorum sees in himself, the 1884 epitome of a rebel (Did I say 1884? I meant 1984.) Penguin asks Maqz if Disney is racist and it turns out they're just into porn! Maqz thinks Ogg started it all and Lady Ga Ga defends herself against the Moshi dance. Cannibals find love in jail and people find Pippa on the slopes. Mormon's find dead Jews and baptize them! All in all its a pretty scarey episode. Lend us an ear ... if you dare!

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