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Sunday, April 22, 2012

CSA Podcast Episode 220: "Ann Coulter? Really, Ann Coulter is your source???"

Tonight the Penguin and Maqz are just mystified by the political shenanigans going on but it all comes to a head when Ann Coulter is cited as a source. Source of what you ask. Yea, the guys are still trying to figure that ome out. Anyway, we were a bit short tonight but listen till after the final bumper for a surprise list!

Listen to #220n here or download from iTunes - Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Are you guys aware that this one stops rather suddenly, mid sentence?

T Fab P said...

Yes we were aware. We got into some discussion that we felt deserved more and serious time so we cut it out and will do it on the next show. Thanks for listening!!!

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