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Friday, April 29, 2011

CSA Episode 182: "Maqz's Show - Science and Happy Endings..."

Maqz takes the lead tonight and runs with the show for a while with T Fab and Denali in tow. He starts with a study about domestic vs. wild animals and which may be smarter. Next up was a report on climate change and glacial melt and only CSA would make a connection to George Carlin. Another science topic is the use of biodegradable nano structures to treat infections. After some lively discuss, we take a turn to the bizarre and discuss some man who wants to self secede from the country because the real Constitution, the one hidden by Abraham Lincoln, says he can. Yes folks, another great political leader. Next Maqz continues the internet lunacy with a political protest in Burma, where woman's panties are tossed out at the leaders, something first started during Bruce Springsteen shows! T Fab P next introduces the 2011 Weird names contest as propped by Freakonomics on their blog. Maqz finishes up with a couple of weirdly worded signs and we are out!

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