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Sunday, April 10, 2011

CSA Episode 180 "Just how stupid do they think we are..."

Maqz spends some time trying to figure out who he is and then the boys jump right into some updates. First T Fab talks about how when eBooks are produced, the writers are getting less money for royalties but the publishers, because of less overhead, make more money per copy. Maqz then does a personal story about what he feels is a great song, the TV theme song for "The Nanny." He particularly likes the language of the lyrics. T Fab P then brings up the new words being included in the New Oxford Dictionary for this year. This includes initialisms that are popularized by internet users. They also include some phrases included too along with a grapic for love and something close to the Fabulous Penguin's heart, an adjective "Fabless"that doesn't refer to fabulous but rather fabrication process. T Fab then moves onto some themes for the show, like "dumb, not so dumb", 5 stories that reflect the idea of just how stupid some people think we are. Some are political, some intellectual rights but all are interesting.

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