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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Episode #78 "We Protest ! "

In tonight's episode see how Pedigree Dog food ripped the boys off, how 6 words can a slogan make and how Obama is disappointing us all. Throw in an Ibex or two and you have the makings of another smart episode of the award winning Countless Screaming Argonauts, the podcast of record...

Episode 78 here...

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Anonymous said...

OK, guys. After 78 of these (all of which I've listened to and enjoyed), it's time to perfect your mic technique. I don't know if TFabP is talking from the next room or if he's in reality 1/4 the size of Max, but he's ALWAYS too soft compared to Max's voice, and the difference is most pronounced in this one. Maybe you need to cut back to the 4 beer sampler while you're doing these? Maybe I'm just crabby, and maybe I'm going deaf, but I was walking around outside with my ear buds in, cranking the volume to hear TFabP only to be blown away by Max's thundering voice. When I looked at my walkie-listeny device, the volume was all the way up! Get closer to the mic, Fab. Get in the game.

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