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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Episode 127 - Lac Crucials - just the facts man!

In todays episode the boys are widely dispersed, but nearly unanimous about the Olympic uni's. TFabP is off on yet another vacation to tropical destination and Maqz brings Denali in for a little fashion counterpoint and geography commentary.

They flow, as ever ... but do they ever really get anywhere?

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Anonymous said...
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clairz said...

Oops, Peng, I have to disagree with your claim that Albuquerque is at sea level and near Death Valley.

I'm sure you were kidding, right? The city's elevation ranges from 4900 to 6700 feet. You can read more about it here. Death Valley is located over 700 miles to the west in California.

I enjoyed the rest of your podcast, though.

~Mrs. Ax-Murderer of the Desert

The Fabulous Penguin said...

I was trying to make a joke connecting death valley and ABQ after some negative comments i had heard. I was tired and it didn't come out quite the way i wanted it to however. Good catch. will correct it in next cast...

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