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Sunday, May 16, 2010

CSA The Deep End: Episode 005 Part 2 - "The FutureVaganza Continues..."

For the FutureVaganza Maqz, the Fabulous Penguin and the rest of the CSA crew got together for a live show in a hotel in Binghamton, NY. What are they all doing in a hotel in Binghamton? We'll let you figure that one out. As for this show itself, Part 2 of the FutureVaganza, the talk continued well into the night. Fueled by good beer, great spiedies, and good friends and having been "PUNKED" by the roadies, this train went off the tracks somewhere around midnight. The topics varied from modern technology to modern warfare, from ebook readers to mind readers, from optimism to pessimism. Yes we were wandering the desert like a bunch of outcasts looking for the next abandoned building...Yea, I know this doesn't make too much sense but then again neither did we sometimes that night. What is presented here is a bunch of clips from our discussions that night on any number of topics. We have edited separators into the show to let you know this was not one session but rather highlights. And, that is not some artificial laugh track in the background, that is real entertained people who think we were funny at times. We love our fans. We hope you love this show or at least like it enough to grant us a pardon. We promise not to try something like this again (until we end up in a Binghamton hotel one night with beer and spiedies and well, you know the rest!)

Enjoy this clips show, we did!

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