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Monday, January 16, 2012

CSA Episode 208: "Bleaugh people wearing Penguin Hats..."

In this episode the boys are particularly sharp, chastising the GOP for hypocrisy (again??), taking on some new studies that they think actually produced interesting results and talk about the most common fears of all of us in this fast paced technology world. They end talking about a new company from Brooklyn which is making a TFabP favorite type of apparel.


Anonymous said...

A fun episode as always. The Santorum gaffe is hilarious. As you say, not so much in what he said as revealing as it may be, but the classic denial denial. I’m embarrassed I missed it. Two points Max and TFab.

An interesting discussion on teachers vs. online instructional programs. It was pretty relevant to me as I have talked about that with my kids as it seems a majority of their college courses are online to varying degrees. There have always been correspondence courses as an option basically for non-traditional students but it seems to me that the increased use in the main stream is more a cost cutting trend by universities than any altruistic “it’s better” argument. As a supplement sure, I am all for using technology to reach more people and as a enforcement. But in the end, I would argue that nothing beats a good teacher to interact and inspire which can have a lifetime impact when they reach a student. Let’s see a program do that HAL.


T Fab P said...

interesting thing about teachers and relationships. I just wondered if this progress toward programs vs. teachers would mostly benefit the poorer students. It could let them learn at their own pace, they probably won't have good teacher relationships anyway and their success would certainly be a boost to their feelings of self worth. The relationship angle would seem to me to be more important with HS and College students...

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