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Monday, March 10, 2008

CSA Episode 18 "On Language (with apologies to William Safire..."

In tonights episode, Booth Boy is invited into the discussion to give a teenager perspective on language today including use of "text speak" in creative writing. IDK, he's my BFFBB... Huh???

Listen to us talking!


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, W is NOT the first President who could not correctly pronounce the word "nuclear." That honor goes to Jimmy Carter, who also pronounced it "nucular." However, since President Carter was an actual Nucular Physicist, people did not consider his pronunciation a sign of a feeble intellect, as they do now. Of course, in Carter's case, it would have been the ONLY sign; In W's case, there are thousands.

Anonymous said...

The idea that some back room Limey's are determining word-ness is not so far from the truth, but there's an interesting part of the process Maqz is missing.
A word gets in to the dictionary - by rights, the way we KNOW it is a word, based on usage. Written usage. At one time, a word had to show up in at least three reputable known publications before it was deemed dictionary ready. So really, qualifying is all about the other way in which we use them - not that we've said them, but that we've written them.

Max said...

However correct your comment may be, it doesn't help my point with Booth-Boy that in order for texting to be a DIAlect [as in dialogue] it has to be spoken!

So you're telling me that language can be dialect, in written form only?

Then bfd is a word? btw there ain't no fuckin' way that the queen or the queen's English is going to survive some bff giving shiite to the very foundation of the language of Willie the Shake merely on account of some pissant little texter dis'ing the very foundation of the muthertunge by makin' up words such as atm and mutherfukin' LOL!!! Chatspeak indeed!

What yer sayin brutha is gr8 4 fun, but idk idts. Its not so gr8 bcz this txt language is like Wtf?


Booth Boy said...

Booth Boy is down with anonymous#2, go you!


Elephteria said...

Good post.

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