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Friday, March 14, 2008

CSA Episode 19 - "This podcast is only 6000 years old..."

Two hosts x (Spitzer #9 + Creationism) divided by two call in guests x (facebook + language) = one hell of a show. And you thought you would never get to use all that algebra you learned in high school.

Just listen to one podcast a week, that's all we ask!!!


Anonymous said...

If the Penguin doesn't stop using the made-up word "conversate," he's going to find himself nominated for the Presidency by the GOP.

CSA said...

Using the word conversate ain't a problem, irregardless of your post

Anonymous said...

Ask Winston about the Ministry of Truth. Do you sometimes wonder if George Orwell wasn't so far off? If it concerns you are you showing intelligence or paranoia?

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