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Friday, June 25, 2010

CSA Episode 143 - Science will clear up the confusion...

Tonight the boys start off in a state of confusion but Maqz the Scientist comes to the rescue to get us back on track. Maqz has a poll from Scientific America (and we know how painful that can be) and starts a discussion about the probability of 12 things happening in the next 40 years. Unfortunately the Penguin and Dnali, the hand picked guest for this type of prediction show, are a little less that totally cooperative and the adolescent humor abounds. However, Maqz strives on and keeps everyone on task until the end. So exhausted from all this science consideration, the last few minutes take a turn to the entertainment field as they quickly talk about George Carlin, William Shakespear and Hamlet by Dr. Who. The proverbial jaunt in the park is you ask us...

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