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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Deep End Episode 7 – A few minutes with Mark Twain

In the news this week is an item that Mark Twain’s autobiography is being readied for publication by the University of California at Berkley. Why the unusual interest you ask? Well Twain stipulated that it not be published for 100 years. Was he concerned for his friends? Did he plan a scathing tirade about his contemporaries or the politics of the time? Or was he just being a shrewd writer, knowing the delay would increase interest in the tome. Well tonight you find out as special guest Mark Twain appears on the show to discuss his life, his autobiography, books and journalism with Maqz and the Fabulous Penguin. Listen to his stories presented here and maybe learn a few things about this American Gem that you didn’t know before. So sit back in your easy chair, light up that great cigar you have been saving, perhaps open up a bottle of wine (CSA Podcasts are best enjoyed with a wine from Montezuma’s Winery!) and be ready to be entertained. Mr. Twain has appeared before, as recently as a couple of weeks ago in the FutureVaganza, but this is all Mark Twain, all the time. Enjoy it, we certainly did…

A few minutes with Mark Twain

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Maqz said...

Really interesting. Many smiles and out loud laughs. Best dialogue yet.f

Our Podcast is best enjoyed while drinking Montazuma Wines - We recommend the Cranberry Bog!