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Friday, December 10, 2010

CSA Episode 165 - "It's unbelievable to me"

In a tip of the cap to Scott of Total Talk Nonsense, tonight the boys go at a few things that they just find unbelievable - Maqz' three Thanksgiving dinners, John Boehner's tobacco check give away on the floor of the house in 1995, the study that found emergency room use goes up when the weather gets colder...and when the weather gets warmer, the "not a jealous boyfriend" state representative with a gun in his pocket, the professor caught using a text book practice test, who accuses his students of cheating because they studied from the practice test, Maqz trying to give T Fab P a cold through the interweb tubes, the TSA claim that they want inconsistency in their airport security, and end with a Maqz rant, yelling at "The Clown" for being a multi-billion dollar company trying to make him feel guilty and forcing him to donate a dollar after they have sold like a trillion hamburgers. Well, the whole thing is a mouthful and the boys enjoyed doing it for you. And again thanks to Scott of Total Talk Nonsense for the inspiration for the title...

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