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Friday, December 31, 2010

CSA Episode 166 - "A Few Stories as the Year Ends..."

On tonight's episode, the last one for 2010, Maqz and T Fab P touch on a variety of subjects. Starting with an update about super beers, tactical nuclear penguin is challenged by three newer brews in Europe -The End of History, Start the Future, and Sink the Bismark. They also discuss why there are no American super beers - US regulations, and the time and money being too much. They then ask the most basic question, is it beer? Next up they move to Wikileaks, is it about power and the fact that they have been somewhat uncomfortable with Assange. Next is a Facebook story or two - a school committee attempts to regulate social media use by its teachers and then a Facebook racist rant by kids football coach and discussion as to whether he should be fired? We do a segment of "What's buggin Maqz as he relates a story about a football player who dropped a pass and then blamed God in his tweet. We didn't even know God was on Twitter. Wonder what his name is there Almighty_being? Be-all_and_end_all? The final three stories of the year are about a new iPhone app that is very scary and a Scandinavian author who came out very strongly about pirating material off the internet until her 10 year old pointed out she stole MP3's for her iPod, and the recent discovery through DNA testing that Ozzie Osborne has Neanderthal genes. Who would have guessed that huh?

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