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Saturday, June 4, 2011

CSA Episode 186: "Just two guys talking..."

Tonight on the podcast it is just Maqz and T Fab, talking about whatever comes into their heads, and you know just how dangerous that can be. Some of their topics include a bit about climate change, the 26th Congressional District Election in NY State, a Medicaid mandate, problems with the Postal Service (15 Billion in debt!), a school that wants to be a prison, Presidential humor, Malt-o-meal cereal's green advertising claim, the passing of baseball great Harmon Killebrew, The Montana representative who opposed their new tough drunk driving laws (here's a surprise, he owns a tavern!), the New Orleans convicted murder who in his penalty phase, threatened all the jurors, and a Virginia free sovereign citizen with a fake license plate and a car full of worries. Wow, thats a lot of talking!

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