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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CSA Episode 190 "Politics to the front burner..."

On this episode of CSA it is just T Fab P and Maqz, and the Penguin begins with a rant about the politics of the day. He starts with Herman Cain calling journalists who criticism him racist after they just repeated whet he said and pointed out how dumb it was. They the Penguin takes on the big ol' quitter, Sarah Palin, who stopped her rolling bus tour this past week and then tried to cover it up with an excuse about surprise jury duty. The boys then talk about the political mistakes of the week - Romney $100 bills, Gingrich's Tiffany accounts, and Michelle Backmann's gaffs and lies on Chris Wallaces' Sunday show. They Talk Hackbarth and more Gingrich and then a couple of stories about school and hospital officials cooking the books and we have a show.

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