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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CSA Podcast 118 "Lets get this straight..."

The boys take a quick look at how to say the new year 2010, Maqz tells a few more inappropriate jokes and then they invite Denali in to spice things up a bit more. We hear about how well psychics are doing in the midwest, gay vultures and gay penguins (no, NOT T Fab P), and a list of business phrases that we hate. Then we take a look at things that when they are free, are legal, but if you charge money, its illegal - prostitution, sale of human organs, political favors and office gambling. Well that's all there is to this one, enjoy!

Episode 118


J.S.D. said...

I like your blog

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) take a look that emo boy one at this blog:

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