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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Episode 121 - The Prediction Show: Part 2 - "What we see happening in 2010..."

In this episode, the boys and Denali continue by predicting what we shall see in 2010. Maqz reveals his vision, if by vision you mean guesses, to gales of laughter by T Fab P and Denali. Then T Fab talks about Blue Canary Cream Ale (again?). to the surprise of no one. Then the pro steps up to the plate as Denali gives us his rendition of "I've got a feelin'...) So that's it, 30 minutes of unmitigated fun and Maqz still does not get the girl (Scarlett) although you might be shocked at what Maqz thinks she will be doing this year!

We predict this in 2010!!!

BTW: If you are interested in when we did this before, check out
"Episode #76 - "Where we predict the future..."
So Maqz, T Fab P and Denali get together for a 2009 gabfest. First Maqz brags about how many predictions he got right from last year. Then Denali makes a few "feelings" known to all of them and we are off and running. Lots of fun, a few surprises and Maqz continues to stalk Scarlett..."

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