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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Episode 123 - "Beware the corkscrew!

Tonight Manhattan Man comes into the booth (doesn’t he even knock anymore?) and this winsome trio takes off on a variety of interesting topics. There is the earthquake in Haiti and the relief efforts, the Massachusetts election, Promession ( freeze dried burial), Aciphex, cops tazing 12 year old schoolchildren in a school demonstration, Sex talk in bad fiction, corkscrewy ducks and English Farting Turtles. Then for good measure they touch on some baseball trivia and a couple of baseball book recommendations. Once again, a gem!

123, Count with us now


Anonymous said...

Actually, its "Aciphex".

Max said...


I've seen some I didn't want to see!

Max said...

... however I wouldn't mind seeing an English Farting Turtle ...

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