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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Episode 119 - "Could 2009 end any quicker please..."

Well, tonight the boys give good old 2009 the proper send off it deserves. First we talk about December's Blue Moon and what that means. Then we jump into controversy - a list of foods food experts stay away from. The Penguin has eaten 90% of them...We move next into some memorable quotes of 2009 which then moves into the verbal gaffs of the year. Penguin then brings up Maqz's driving record as can be judged by Progressive Insurance at the cost of some of our civil liberties. Finally Maqz brings up a list from "The Onion" another fine news organization - best inventions of all time including God, the inclined plane and easy cheese. Wow, which one of those is the favorite. Hey give us a listen.

Episode 119 - 2009 Ends thank God (or easy cheese!)

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