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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Deep End: Episode 001 "30 minutes on the role of government"


Today we introduce a new extension of the Countless Screaming Argonauts PodCast brand, something we are calling “The Deep End.” When we changed our format a bit back at episode 100, we committed to doing shorter shows with commentary on a wide variety of wide ranging topics. We have been very happy with the results – a cleaner, quicker paced, funnier show. We continue to do “Chronicles – One topic, two voices, three minutes each” and enjoy the opportunities to flesh out an idea in a short, compact format. However, there seemed to be something missing in these two formats and that is a more in depth discussion about a single topic. Thus “The Deep End” was born. We will do some of these in depth discussions that could be serious or funny or just thought provoking. We will let you know what you are in for in the title and hope that you enjoy the new process. As always emails and comments are always welcome.

So in this episode of “The Deep End” Maqz and the Penguin spend 30 minutes talking about the role of government in our lives – pros and cons.

Give us a listen!

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