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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Episode 134 "Stories so weird, Yogi seems downright understandable!"

On tonight's episode the boys take on the most central aspect of all internet stories...Yes, it is News of the Weird! After countless hours of reading and digesting all the internet crumbs, we have culled down the weirdest of the weird, those stories that simply make you shake your head while secretly hoping for more. Want a sample? We got counterfeit money, a Walmart thug, biblical images in a stone, human milk cheeses...well you get the idea. We could go on for ever. But we limit it to 25 minutes so we can get our sanity back with a few minutes with philosopher Yogi Berra. Now you know you're trouble when the Yog is the voice of reason.

Hey give 134 a listen, please!

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