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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode 137 - "Voices of Reason..."

On Episode 137, the boys start out with a very special guest, Mark Twain, who has appeared before and appears tonight to comment on a Twain inpersonator who is making news in Hannibal MO. When he is finished the boys invite a frequent guest, Manhattan Man, to comment on several news items including the new CSA Game that is sweeping the nation - "Is it Jesus, Cat Stevens or Evan?" There is a link mentioned in the podcast and it is below so you can play the home version of the game. Just let us know if you think the image is Jesus, Cat Stevens or Evan. Manhattan Man also provides a commentary on the Dallas Braden Baseball Fiasco, Boobquake! and they all calm down listening to the final installment of "A few minutes with Yogi..."

Check us out even just to hear Mark Twain...
Jesus, Cat Stevens or Evan?

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