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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Episode 135 - "A Titanic Effort on Reality"

On this episode of the podcast Maqz and the Penguin fantasize about getting the makers of Cranberry Bog wine, a Maqz favorite, to sponsor our podcast. This would expose the product to thousands of listeners! After this moment, the boys move onto more pressing ideas. First up, Maqz clarifies and adds to some of the issues we discussed in our first episode of the DEEP END, on government, the role of government and making changes. After this, they talk about Conan O’Brien’s tweets, and then move onto a famous anniversary. This week is the anniversary date of the sinking of the Titanic and a couple of interesting stories from the Book of Lists website including how the survival rate might have been affected by nationality and passenger list incongruities. Next Maqz brings up an interesting way tribes in New Guinea are trying to reduce tribal wars, a George Orwell moment for sure. Almost continuing on this Big Brother theme, the boys tackle a school zero-tolerance policy. As they wind down, Maqz admits he is into the reality show “Courtney and Chloe Take Miami” which highlights the unreality of these people. The Penguin points out that they sometimes just don’t see their actions as problematic. This morphs into an April Fool’s Joke gone bad discussion that is dumber than dumb. After all this agitation, the boys come back to reality by hearing a few more words from Yogi Berra.

And this, dear listener, is what they have this week!

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